I am not an Artist…..

I felt inspired to expand on my tweet from this morning as I am feeling frisky, so to speak!

Most of you who know me now probably think of me as a pretty positive person (I hope), but just a short time ago my life (unfortunately) had a lot of negativity attached to it. I was stuck in a career that I felt was moving backwards, finances were tight, I was facing a pending automotive sector meltdown and most of the time I was a prick. I can still remember the day that things got really bad and I pretty much gave up on the world. My job became nothing more than a vehicle to sustain my life and nothing more. I approached every day of work with a frown and a sigh. My work suffered almost immediately and the worst part was that I didn’t even care. It wasn’t until I started to insert positive energy back into my life that things started to move in a more positive direction. Getting more involved in the community and contributing my skills to different causes and organizations made me feel valued and gave me something that had been missing in my life for sometime. The tipping point towards positive change came after I watched The Secret (believe it or not!). Although most of the ideals in the film were a little too far fetched for me, there were some key points that really hit home like the power of attraction. If your thinking and acting negatively, you will inevitably attract more negative energy. The final push towards positive change came after seeing Dave Howlett speak at a conference in London. His 3rd gear philosophy helped me to change my attitude and live my life without negativity. I now came into work with positive thoughts, a smile on my face and kind words to say. I still hated my job but knew it was only a matter of time before I could put it behind me and start to contribute to an organization that recognized the talents I could bring to the table. The final step was to completely remove myself from that employer and start career path 2.0. I am happy to say that it has been almost a year since leaving and I have not looked back once!

However this week I found myself in a negative place and had to think back to the revelations I had a couple of years ago to move past it. Heading into Monday, I was feeling a little down on myself and the lack of progress with my continued job search. With 3 job postings open in my web browser, I couldn’t seem to find the energy to even open up Word and start the process of applying – and these are jobs I have a real interest in! I feel I’ve reached the point where it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Applying for over 40 jobs since April with only 1 interview is less than motivating and I was finding it hard to put the effort into something with so little return on my invested time. It wasn’t until after a meeting with Richard Dew that I realized that I needed take a different approach to this whole process. He told me the story of a friend who sent old shoes to potential employers that had notes attached saying “Now that I have my foot in the door, how about we set up an interview?”  After hearing this story and realizing that one of the jobs I was looking at applying to was with a local arts organization, I decided to try something similar. This “project” was not just a way to try to set myself apart from other candidates for the job but also to give me positive motivation to continue with my job hunting. The idea I came up with was to express that I may not be an artist (by painting several terrible watercolour based pictures), but I do have many other skills to contribute to the organization. I headed to Wal-Mart for some supplies, turned on some great tunes and came up with the following:

*This is still in development and only a small sample of the entire “resume”

This, along with an amazing brainstorming/venting session with Kevin Van Lierop later in the week has definitely lifted my spirits and I feel like I am back in a positive state of mind personally and professionally.

So I guess the moral of the story is this: Negativity can create more negativity. If the cashier at the grocery store seems sour, instead of walking away and complaining to your friends, why not try to make him/her smile. You could very well change the entire direction of their day. We all get down every now and again, but I think it’s important in helping us to realize how lucky we have it the rest of the time. Sometimes life sucks…..get over it, get over yourself and start changing the negative things in your life in to positive.


~ by A Gathering of Geeks on July 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “I am not an Artist…..”

  1. Enjoyed the blog and could relate to it…nice seeing you today.

  2. I love it! I’ve been working on my own resume. I have a lot of frustration attached to the whole topic of resumes, but I sat down with Damon and got him to teach me some basic of InDesign. Took my resume from word and roughed out something that looked and felt much better! I don’t hate it so much now.

    It doesn’t have a rocketship, though, so that’s unfortunate.

  3. Great blog Jason! Good things come to those who work hard and stay positive.

    p.s Love the cover letter

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  5. I positively love this blog. Life is full of those ups and downs, it is how we handle them that makes us who we are. I really like who you are and know that you will love who you become !!! I am postive about that !!!

  6. I sent you a message on Twitter but these strategies work. Pass that along to KVL too:)

    • Thanks Dave! I think Kevin and I will try anything at this point. Like I mentioned, this was not just about trying to get a job, but also to insert some fun back into what had become a chore more than anything else. I am sure both of us will keep everyone updated if this works 🙂

  7. But you are an artist, I’ve seen you do it!

  8. isbn:978-1-60911-248-6
    press release: April 19,2010

    A positive mind is something which has to be cultivated with awareness and focus on a daily basis and with practice it shall be easy to stay in the flow with positive thoughts.


  9. One correction, just so we don’t add to the hysteria of urban legends, the “friend” mentioned as the sender of shoes was actually someone I said I had read about, possibly in Donny Deutsch’s book… either way, I’m glad that my sharing his story with you was an inspiration to this new direction.

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