Not-for-Profit Issues at ChangeCamp London

This is a common phrase from donors in the nonprofit sector:

“What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?”

“This perception is deeply flawed, gives dangerously misleading information, and can reward charities that provide poor service and hurt those that are doing the most good. It also shows how these measures force charities into a fearful and perpetually cautious posture, and prohibits them from pursuing their boldest dreams of a better world. ” Dan Pallotta

Well some of Dan’s ideas are a stretch, his main message is clear. Change is needed in the way we think of our donations and how they are used.  Executives and staff in the nonprofit sector enable and mobilize the work around the causes we care about and they should not be simply viewed as overhead or wasted money that could have been directed to programs and services.

More from Dan:

The other big reason we need to focus on supporting the development of skilled workers in the sector is due to its size and scope.

“It’s almost impossible for me to overstate the sheer economic significance of the not-for-profit sector in Canada.  In fact, as a percentage of GDP, Canada’s not-for-profit sector is the second largest in the world, behind only the Netherlands.” Helen Burstyn

If the nonprofit sector were to just disappear  tomorrow, what do you think would happen? Like it or not, we depend on the sector more than you might think, and by not supporting change we are setting it up to fail in the future.

People who work in the nonprofit sector should not be ashamed or punished for receiving financial recognition for their ongoing commitment, compassion and sacrifices that come along with their career choice.


~ by A Gathering of Geeks on June 18, 2010.

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