Ode to My First Car

Yesterday was the end of an era. My first car (1993 Dodge Spirit) was finally removed from its resting spot at the end of the driveway through the Ontario Retire Your Ride initiative. This program offers great rewards for trading in you old car, like $300 cash, incentives towards a new bike or new car or transit passes. They also come and pick your car up for you, and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way. So it’s really win, win ,win!

But out of these wins, come a great loss. “The Spirit” was my first car and it was given to me by my parents at Christmas time. They pulled a quick one and actually had the car parked across the street for several days beforehand and wrapped up the manual and key as my gift! I was just chatting with my mom the other night and she says she can still remember my face when I opened that amazing present. I am not sure if I ever told my parents this, but after coming back from my buddy’s place (to show off my present of course) I almost put the car in the ditch. Could you imagine, hours after getting it, wrecking it! Luckily my amazing driving skills saved The Spirit from its premature demise.

By no stretch of the imagination was this car a “hot rod” and it never really had that head turning effect, but I still made it cool. After growing tired of the factory tape deck, I decided to try to install a stereo from a friend. That worked for a while, but then it was time to really make this car pound so I installed a new CD deck, new speakers, a 500 watt amp and a 15″ Subwoofer. Let me tell you, this was a very loud car. There was a lot of parties where The Spirit was the DJ and that’s when the legend was born. The pulse of this car could be felt all the way through its red velour covered seats, designer floor mats and sleek spoiler. Then out fitted with some creative stickers, and a Hot Wheels steering wheel cover,  this car was ready for the showroom.

One of the most important things to consider when getting a used car is if it’s in good shape. My parents got a great deal when they found the Spirit because it was already 7 years old, and only had 34000km on it. I proceeded to put on 60000km in the next year, but this car still held together. I have a hard time remembering a time when my car broke down and I was left “stranded.” Granted there were several times that small inconveniences sprung up like a flat tire at 2am after the bar, or losing a wiper on the 402 in a torrential downpour, but these can happen to the best of cars. The Spirit was a solid car almost till the end. One of the reasons it sat dormant at the end of the lane way was because it finally started to show its age and the cost to repair just became too much. That when I decided to let her go!

But all is not lost. Yes, there will be a new car taking up space at the end of my driveway very soon. About 5 years ago I bought a 1970 El Camino, and it has been in storage at my parents since I bought it. I have done some work on it in the past, but it is hard to really work on a car when you have a 1 hour commute to get to it. This year my sister is getting married at my parents house, and they want the car gone before then. Personally I think it would have added a cool element to the wedding, but that’s just me. My goal is to finally drive this car as a reward for leaving my old job, going back to school and starting a new career (hopefully soon). I am sure I will keep everyone updated on the El Camino’s progress, and the soul of The Spirit will be reinCARnated into this new, true, hot rod.

Until then, I say Farewell Spirit! You were a great car, and you will be missed! Please leave comments about your first car experience, or your encounters with The Spirit.


~ by A Gathering of Geeks on April 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ode to My First Car”

  1. I love the “farewell” video!! Very emosh. Bye Spirit!

  2. Brought a tear to my eye and what about the little incident with the ditch !!!

    • Coming back from Gregs, at the lights on Second St. and Hickory. I hit the breaks, but it just kept sliding. It would have been your fault for not buying me a car with ABS!

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